Ready to kick your party food up a notch? Puget Sound Entertainment offers delicious concessions to
give your guests some of their favorite treats. Whether you’re hosting a birthday party, carnival, or
school function, your guests will love the nostalgic feeling when you add in one of our commercial-grade
concession machines. Everyone will be drawn to the sweet smells and savory sweets.
You can rent concessions to compliment any event! Pop some popcorn to serve as a snack while
partygoers play interactive games or set up the Snow Cone maker to serve as a cool, tasty treat on a hot
summer day. Your guests will feel like they’re at their favorite movie theater or theme park! We even
have an old fashioned popcorn popper on a cart that will take guests back in time to the thrill of
At Puget Sound Entertainment, we’re your one-stop-shop, so you can count on us to provide you with
the concessions supplies as well. We work hard to make your job of planning your party as easy as
possible! With the best selection of concessions in Puget Sound WA, you can’t go wrong with choosing us for
your party rentals!